My recent work is taken from my immediate environment. I live very near the sea in Newlyn and am a regular year-round sea swimmer. My relationship to the natural world and the places I visit on a daily basis feature regularly in my paintings. My work also stems from an interest in the formal qualities that make up a painting; I think very carefully about the placement of these. My visual language hones in on shape and form, light and dark, the edges of things. I have recently become very interested at the point when figuration becomes abstraction and visa versa and some of my images attempt at depicting this relationship. Alongside this there is also a fascination in my experience of looking and viewing a space. Some of my current paintings capture the overlaying of images, like a visual sound scape; foreground, sky, background, details etc all coming together in one image that tries to capture a number of viewpoints, rather than from one scene or line of site, but from a number of ‘lookings’. A dear friend pointed out to me recently that ‘one of the most difficult things it seems you want to do is to make sense of the fractured nature of your individual experience and somehow to make a visual resolution’. I agree that this really does sum up my preoccupation perfectly.Curriculum Vitae:

1987-88 Masters Degree, Painting, Chelsea School of Art
1983-85 Completed B.A.Hons, Coventry University
1980-81 1st year B.A. Hons, Coventry University
1979-80 One Year Art Foundation Course, Barnfield College, Luton

Current Shows

The Stratford Gallery, Broadway The Stratford Gallery | Contemporary Art Gallery in Broadway, Worcestershire

Moncrieff Bray Gallery, Petworth Moncrieff-Bray Gallery | Contemporary Art and Sculpture Gallery

Selected Group Shows
2021 The Stratford Gallery, Broadway
2020 Tyler Gallery, Mousehole, Cornwall
2020 Edge of Dark Tremenhere Sculpture Gardens,
2018 NSA ‘drawing’ group Show Tremenhere Sculpture Gardens
2017 Land, Sea and Sky; Paintings and works on Paper The Conningsby Gallery London
2017 Tutors Show Newlyn Art Gallery
2017Borders NSA Tremenhere Sculpture Gardens
2016 Newlyn Art Gallery ‘Wet’ Auction
2016 London Art Fair Jill George Gallery
2015 Toronto Art Fair Jill George Gallery
2015 NSA group show Penwith Gallery St Ives
2014 McCallister Gallery Surrey
2014 PZ Gallery NSA Critics Choice – Laura Gascoigne
2013 Newlyn Art Gallery – Newlyn School of Art Tutor Exhibition2013 McCallister Gallery Surrey
2012 Plymouth Art Gallery ‘New Light on Newlyn’
2012 NSA Group Show, Feiler Gallery, Newlyn
2011 Chapel Gallery Gulval
2011 Uncharted Landscape
2011 Abundance Kestle Barton
2010 RWA Autumn Open Bristol
2009 NSA Christmas Show Westcott Gallery St Ives
2009 Autumn Open RWA Bristol
2009 NSA Cornish Perspective RWA Bristol
2008 NSA Small works on paper Christmas Show
2008 RWA Autumn Open Bristol

One Person Shows

2021 Jupiter Gallery Newlyn, Cornwall
2017 Picture Room Newlyn Art Gallery
2004 Cornerstone Gallery St Ives
2002 Falmouth Arts Centre
1994 Atlantis Gallery Brick Lane

2001 Elected Member of Newlyn Society Of Artists